Resources / Variety of Resources for Technology

  Inventing in Canada All about inventing, inventors and inventions - with extensive list of information, links and events, listed on both a national and on a provincial basis. Newsletter on inventions. Links to patent search services for several countries.

Terry van der Werff, Futurist   Terry's website is about future trends, and includes many useful articles and links. In particular, look at the archive of Technology Forecasts from Battelle, going back to 1995.

Battelle Institute   Technology Forecasts Technology forecasts for from 2005 to 2020 in several sectors of the economy.

Doctor Tomorrow   Futurist Frank Ogden, also known as "Doctor Tomorrow" has a website that has many predictions for the future, particularly with regard to and related to advances in technology. A fun site with lots of material in text, audio and video.

How-to-Conquer-The-World.Com   Garrett Wasny's Website, books and seminars are all comprehensive sources of information on how to use the Internet for International Trade - including doing market research and using the Internet as a marketing tool. Garrett's seminar is a mind-blowing experience not to be missed - entertaining, challenging and packed with useful information and insights