Noulan works with entrepreneurs, CEO's and senior management teams to assess and plan new product, marketing and selling initiatives and to accelerate corporate success. He also provides concrete help of immediate value, sometimes filling the role of a temporary, part-time VP or Director of Marketing and Sales, until a company is able to find and hire a suitable person full time.

  • More focused, effective, rapid and efficient market entry and development
  • Accelerated revenue growth
  • Enhanced product demand
  • Higher margins and profitability
  • Strengthening of management, marketing and sales skills in client's organization
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improved sales performance from distribution channels
  • Increased shareholder value
  • Practical information and greater insight for follow up

  • Objective and frank feedback on the company’s marketing and sales strategy, plan and implementation program
  • Detailed information on the market, competition and business environment that is of immediate practical use for product definition and business development
  • Reasonable estimate of market size and potential sales
  • Detailed Product Definition and costing, product roadmap
  • Significant expansion of company’s data base of contacts and sources of information on market and competition
  • Independent Market Assessment or Business Feasibility Report that can be used as aid in obtaining partnerships or financing
  • Complete Business plan and cash flow projection, with sales projection and budget


  • Efficient and Effective Project Management
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Skilled at In-Depth Interviewing
  • Effective Facilitator
  • Exceptionally Broad base of Expertise and Experience
  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Extensive Cross-Cultural Experience


  • Clear Definition of Project Outcomes and Milestones
  • Frank Assessment of Client's Internal Strengths, Weaknesses and Resources
  • Client-Specific Primary Market Research through In-Depth Interviewing
  • Efficient Secondary Research
  • Identification and Analysis of current and future opportunities
  • Identification and Analysis of Competitive Threats and other Potential Obstacles to Success
  • Opportunity and Risk Assessment
  • Quantitative Analysis and Projections
  • Independent and Objective Viewpoint
  • Comprehensive Product, Marketing and Selling Strategy Development
  • Identification, Qualification and Structuring of Partnering Opportunities
  • Marketing & Sales Training & Coaching
  • Management Coaching

      Over years of practical experience in technical marketing and international sales Noulan has developed a theoretical framework for analyzing and creating comprehensive marketing strategies. It is particularly suited to dealing with the complexities of selling advanced technology products and services in the global marketplace.

    The following White Papers illustrate Noulan’s theoretical approach to marketing: