Capabilities and Experience / Industry Sectors

Noulan has had practical experience with over 70 industries. The following represent clusters of such industries in which he has had more significant levels of activity.


  • Market Assessment for a technology developed at the University of British Columbia that extracts a nuisance material from the wastewater in municipal sewage treatment plants in the form of a valuable agricultural fertilizer product. Noulan determined that the the venture should be feasible and proposed a business strategy which the company that licensed the technology is now successfully implementing. He has since followed up with additional work for this company by assisting the company in looking at additional related technology and market opportunities.
  • Market Assessment for a company that developed a novel product for extracting potable water from the atmosphere using an electrically powered condenser. The market opportunities for both remote residences and urban residences were examined for appropriate versions of the proposed product.

    Capabilities and Experience
  • Market Assessment and Business Plan for fabless semiconductor firm designing high capacity multiprocessor DSP chips for third generation cellular telephone base stations. (see also telecommunications)
  • Series of projects for Client selling control systems for waferfab production equipment to both the OEMs and the to semiconductor manufacturers.
  • Client selling fault detection systems for waferfab production equipment to semiconductor manufacturers
    Client selling optical semiconductors to metro optical telecom equipment manufacturers (see also Telecommunications)

    Capabilities and Experience

  • Brief Market Assessment for a novel Ka Band satellite ground terminal antenna that avoids the problem of severe attenuation from rainfall.
  • Under contract to NRC IRAP ( National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program) Noulan conducted an in-depth survey in 2004 of successful CEOs and entrepreneurs in the BC Wireless Industry and reported on their views on what it took to be successful in this industry in BC. This report is available in .pdf file format for download by clicking here.
  • Over an 18 month period, did a Market Assessment and Business Plan and then served as part-time Director of Business Development for fabless semiconductor firm designing high capacity multiprocessor DSP chips for third generation cellular telephone base stations. (see also semiconductors)
  • Client developing and selling photonic crystal optical semiconductors (see also semiconductors)
  • For three years developed market for employer selling advanced rechargeable lithium battery product to OEMs and end user organizations in cellular, portable radio and military radio industries. ( see also Energy Sector)
  • For three years sold a number of LANDSAT and meteorological satellite receiving stations for MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates in Asia, The Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. (see also Remote Sensing)
  • Licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 15 years old.
Capabilities and Experience

  • Two major business planning projects for client BC Hydro (electric utility in BC)
  • Client selling transformer safety product to electric utilities
  • Client assessing electric utilities as distribution channel for power back-up product
Capabilities and Experience

  • Client developing novel metal-air fuel cell/battery
  • Did two independent stock exchange reviews for company developing natural gas conversion equipment for diesel engines
  • Three years developing market and battery assembly business for world’s first commercial rechargeable lithium battery
  • Client selling advanced water cut measuring instrument to oil companies for oil and gas wells
  • Several projects for client selling a power inverter product for a variety of consumer and industrial applications, including back-up power
  • President of junior oil and gas company for a year
  • Director for several years for two other junior oil companies
  • Client that was developing small electric turbine product for irrigation canals in California
  • Electric utility industry experience as described in section above
Capabilities and Experience

  • Market Assessment for a photocatalytic and hydrophillic nanopowder material which, when used as a coating can make surfaces self-cleaning or self sterilizing.
  • Market Assessment for a sprayed fibre-reinforced polymer process for strengthening reinforced concrete structures.
  • Client developing novel metallic powder production equipment for the powder coating and electronics industry
  • Client selling novel plasma spray gun for powder coating industry
  • One and one half years developing global market for high power surface heat treating and powder coating re-melting system
Capabilities and Experience
  • Two and a half years designing, project managing and applications engineer for custom computer system hardware for a variety of industrial and scientific applications
  • Two years with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, supplier of remote sensing satellite receiving stations
  • For three years managed technical and business development and production of advanced battery products and control systems
  • Co-designed portable battery-inverter based back up power system for consulting client
  • See above experience with semiconductor fabrication and application of advanced semiconductors
  • From age 14 have built amateur radio equipment as hobby.
  • A company selling video display systems for process control
Capabilities and Experience

  • Client selling data extraction software and analysis software and services for auditing
  • Client developing Internet Music technology and service
  • Client developing Internet mobile mapping system and service
  • Client developing software package for designing and testing digital signal processing (DSP) products
  • Client developing and selling fault detection software to semiconductor fabrication plants
  • Client developing and selling software for control systems for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Client developing a software package for designing and testing DSP (digital signal processing) applications and products.
  • A client that was selling dental practice management software
  • Sold image analysis system software for remote sensing
  • From 1995 until 2003, developed and maintained website for my consulting practice
Capabilities and Experience

  • Client selling mobile Internet based mapping system
  • 3.5 years marketing and selling receiving stations and image analysis systems for LANDSAT and Meteorological Satellites in global market
  • Started company with three partners to provide analysis of airborne and LANDSAT remote sensing imagery for a variety of applications, including mineral exploration, and resource mapping and management.
  • Four months as instrument man in municipal surveying
  • Two 4-month periods doing first-order triangulation geodetic survey in Eastern Arctic as instrument man.
Capabilities and Experience

  • As sideline for several years, developed and taught High Tech Marketing program for Continuing Studies Program at British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • As sideline for several years, developed and taught marketing strategy and business planning modules for Management Skills in Advanced Technology Program in Continuing Studies Program at Simon Fraser University
  • Two years as electronics instructor in electrical engineering program at technical institute in Thailand
  • Two months as electronics instructor for United Nations Development Program and ITU in Nepal
  • Co-Owner of Coastal Cruising Sailing School in Vancouver
  • For several years as a volunteer, have taught personal financial planning and developed and taught a small business planning course to high school students through the Junior Achievement organization.
  • Have delivered a number of training courses and seminars on high tech and international marketing to consulting clients and as volunteer to various industry associations.
  • Co-author of Celebrate Marketing, an anthology of articles on Marketing published in Silicon Valley.
Capabilities and Experience
  • Client selling advanced sonar to high-end global commercial pelagic fishing industry
  • Client selling advanced seabed classifier to high-end global commercial bottom fishing industry
  • Two 4-month periods developing ship-board computer data acquisition system for Oceanographic research
  • Experienced coastal cruising sailor and owner of two such boats
  • Co-owner of Sailing School and Yacht Charter company
  • Licensed SCUBA diver
Capabilities and Experience

  • Marketing Manager for employer selling high temperature test equipment to global aerospace industry
  • Three and a half years International selling of LANDSAT and Meteorological Satellite ground station projects
  • Private Pilot License (light aircraft)
  • Two month summer at DOT Aeradio Station
  • Two 4-month summers using light helicopters for surveying in Eastern Arctic
Capabilities and Experience
  • In 2004, Noulan and his wife purchased a waterfront residence in Deep Cove in North Vancouver. Over a two year period he managed a massive renovation (rebuild) of the house , so that it could serve as not only a beautiful principal residence, but also as a luxury waterfront resort bed and breakfast, with two large self-contained suites. Additional information on Lockehaven Waterfront Bed and Breakfast is available at .
  • Noulan has purchased, renovated and managed several residential revenue properties in Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia since 1980.
  • He served two terms as founding Chairman of the Strata Council of a 230 unit condo development in Whistler B.C., re-negotiated leases with the developer and with the rental pool agreement with the rental manager, supervised acceptance of construction and established a long term building maintenance program
Capabilities and Experience

  • Noulan has acted as the independent reviewer for the securities regulatory authorities in BC and Alberta to allow a company to become listed on these Stock Exchanges. In one case, he had to determine a valuation of the company’s technology for the purpose of its being vended into a shell public company for shares. In each case the report had to be structure in accordance with the strict guidelines set by the applicable regulatory authorities.
  • Noulan performed a comprehensive Market Assessment and Strategy project for a company that sold a package of data extraction and analysis software and services as a tool for internal and external financial auditing.
  • He has participated in the writing of several prospectuses for public financing and has assisted client companies in creating and negotiating share structures for private companies, initial public offerings and reverse take-overs of public companies.
  • His business planning activities frequently involve constructing cash flow projections and determining financing requirements
  • He frequently helps consulting clients obtain financial assistance from provincial and federal government agencies.
Capabilities and Experience