Resources / Government Resources Useful for BC's
High Tech Industry

  National Research Council of Canada NRC is Canada's premier science and technology research organization - doing research itself, liasing with research organizations in other countries, facilitating the dissemination of scientific and technical information in Canada's scientific community and assisting private industry to develop, access and commercialize new technologies. Notably included are the CTN and the IRAP Programs.

Canadian Technology Network (CTN)   The CTN is a cross-country network of advisors in government research institutes, universities and non-profit associations with the mandate of providing access to a wide range of technology and related business assistance.

NRC's Industrial Reasearch Assistance Program (IRAP)   IRAP offers Advisory Services as well as financial assistance to small and medium sized Canadian companies. IRAP is delivered by a nation-wide network of more than 260 Industrial Technology Advisors (ITAs), of which about 30 are in BC. Located throughout BC, the BC ITA's represent a range of technical specializations. Companies access the IRAP programs through the ITA who is either located nearby or has the closest technical fit.

Canadian Institute for Market Intelligence (CIMI)   CIMI provides a limited level of market research resources for private sector companies and for government agencies. It conducts market studies to support government initiatives, in particular those of NRC IRAP, with which it is allied. It is based in Vancouver, BC.  
Fuel Cells Canada   Fuel Cells Canada is a national initiative of NRC with its headquarters and research facilities located at the NRC Innovation Center near UBC, in Vancouver, BC.

Industry Canada Strategis Website   Canadian Government's major Web Portal for industrial, commercial, technical and export information.

Canadian Federal Government Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)

  Foreign Trade and Travel Information for Canadians. Export assistance programs for Canadian businesses, including trade missions and financial assistance.

Market Reports and DFAIT Services Abroad   Information on Canadian Embassies, Consulates and Trade Offices outside Canada - indispensible information for exporting.

Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI)   One of the world's major sources for information in all areas of science, technology, engineering and medicine - including articles from journals, in-depth literature search, or a referral to an expert.

Vancouver Medical Device Development Centre   The Medical Device Development Center, located at Vancouver General Hospital, advances the collaborative development, evaluation and commercialization of need-oriented medical technology.


BC Ministry of Small Business and Economic Development


  The BC Government Ministry responsible for promoting international trade and investment in BC.

The BC Advanced Systems Institute - ASI   In April, 2004, ASI merged with the Science Council of BC to form a BC Crown Corporation called the BC Innovation Council.

The Science Council of British Columbia (SCBC)  

In April, 2004, SCBC merged with ASI to form a BC Crown Corporation called the BC Innovation Council.


BC Innovation Council   In April, 2004, ASI merged with the Science Council of BC to form a BC Crown Corporation called the BC Innovation Council.  
Western Economic Diversification "WD"   The WD is one vehicle through which the Federal Government provides funding to the provinces for specific economic development initiatives, such as Fuel Cells Canada. Also, loan guarantees are available to small businesses through WD.