Services / Diagnostic Review Project Profile (marketing audit)

  In a diagnostic review project, Noulan provides his client with an objective and frank assessment of the of the company's product, marketing and sales programs and strategies, based on interviews and information available inside the company.

  • Identification of the major strengths and weaknesses in the product, marketing and sales programs of the company
  • Identification of need for further information for management decisions and suggestions for how to obtain it.
  • Recommendations for any possible actions to be undertaken by management to more fully exploit company's strengths, to deal with external threats or to remedy any important weaknesses
The review addresses the effectiveness of the company's business strategy, plan, organization and actual operations in meeting the stated mission goals and objectives of the company, focusing in particular, on product and marketing issues:
  • Understanding of the market
  • Product and market focus
  • Understanding of and response to competition
  • Product and marketing positioning
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of promotion
  • Performance and appropriateness of distribution channels
  • Suitability of product for the market
  • Productivity and efficiency of selling process and sales management systems

  • Review of documents available at company premises
  • Interviews with senior management and key staff, individually and in discussion groups as appropriate
  • Analysis
  • Preparation of a brief written report summarizing findings and making specific recommendations
  • Oral presentation of report to senior management and discussion