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High Tech Industry

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T-Net 1000 High Tech Directory

T-Net Supplier Directory

The T-Net 100 is a list on the T-Net Website, ranking the top BC-based High Tech companies in BC on a revenue basis. As the list is compiled from data from the year ending December 31, 2000, it is now quite out of date. The list provides a brief description of each company and a Web link. Note that the company ranking 100th had only $4.3million in annual revenues.

The T-Net 1000 High Tech Directory is a "comprehensive" directory of BC's top 1000 technology companies. Each entry includes Company Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Contact Person, Title, Email, Website, Sector and a 50 Word Company Profile. It is available for purchase from T-Net.

The T-Net Supplier Directory, on the T-Net Website is a directory of a number of suppliers of products and services to the BC technology industry.

Business in Vancouver (BIV) Databases   BIV maintains a database of 60,000 entries for businesses of all types in BC. It sells portions of this on a sector basis. Of relevence to high tech firms are:
  • The Tech Database: 3,000 plus firms engaged in manufacturing, production, research, and information technology.
  • The Manufacturers' Database: from high tech to low tech; more than 3450 firms.
BIV uses the standard NAIC ( successor to SIC) codes for classifcation. A good basic list, but many companies are missing and some of the classifications are nonsensical.

Also available is the "Book of Lists", giving the top 100 companies in many sectors - the info in this is more accurate info than the larger data base. Also available is the "High Tech Directory", which has spotty coverage.

Industry Association Membership Lists   The Websites of the following Associations have Membership Lists with member contact information and Web links.