Services / Customer Feedback Project Profile
  • Obtain Frank Feedback and valuable market and competitive information from your Customers, Distribution Channels and other organizations in your Industry
  • Discover how your customers really feel about your company, products and services.
  • What do they think about trends in their industry or yours?
  • How do they perceive your competition?
  • People both inside and outside your company will usually speak more openly with an independent consultant, who clearly does not and will not have a management, selling or negotiating role.
  • Gain insight to exploit new business opportunities or correct problems. Intensive interviews with a careful selection of people among your customers, partners and other companies serving your customers usually reveal important and perhaps unforeseen situations or customer perceptions.
  • Orient your product, marketing and selling to what your customers perceive they need and value.
  • Improve customer relations and enhance your contact and prospect network. Customers greatly appreciate that you value their feedback, views and advice enough to hire a "professional listener", who has the technical and business experience to be able to relate to their situation.