Noulan’s clients are mainly companies having advanced technology products for industrial, commercial or government markets. They have ranged in size from one-man start-ups to BC Hydro, a large Crown Corporation.

  • BC Hydro and Power -electric power utility
  • Xantrex Technologies - power electronics
  • ACL Services - Data extraction for auditing
  • Westport Innovations - natural gas diesels
  • Brooks Automation - semiconductor manufacturing equipment control systems
  • A variety of start-up ventures - including fuel cells and several Internet applications

      Notable consulting successes, which have resulted in rapid growth and financial success for shareholders, have included: Techware Systems (bought by Brooks Automation), Statpower Technologies (bought by Xantrex) and ACL Software (continuing high growth). He did the independent reviews of Westport Innovations for its Alberta and Vancouver stock exchange listings. He has taught marketing and business planning courses in continuing studies programs at Simon Fraser University and at BCIT. Also, as a volunteer, he has taught business planning to high school students for several years through the Junior Achievement Program.