Resources / Useful Courses for High Tech Community
  ACETECH Only for CEOs of BC high tech companies. Acetech supports CEOs of high tech companies in BC with educational events. The ACETECH Symposium is held late every fall at Whistler and the ACETECH Early Stage for start-up ventures is held once each spring. The CEO Round Table is held monthly.

BCISIT (British Columbia Institute for Studies in International Trade)   BCISIT (British Columbia Institute for Studies in International Trade) is now part of BCIT. It runs the "FITTskills" series of courses, which teaches information and skills for exporting. It also holds special seminars on a variety of topics - notably including periodic seminars on how to deal with Canada-US cross-border issues.

International Market Access Inc   International Market Access Inc provides practical services for accessing the US market through an office in Richmond BC and a warehousing/shipping facility in Bellingham Washington.
Notably, it periodically puts on an excellent seminar on the practicalities of doing business in the US.

Management Skills in Advanced Technology (MSAT)   MSAT is like a mini-MBA course for managers in High Tech companies. It is put on by the Applied Sciences Continuing Education department at Simon Fraser University.