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  Commercialization Success Factors in BC's Wireless Industry
PDF File - 28 pages, 584KB

Noulan was commissioned in March of 2004 by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), under its IRAP (Industry Research Assistance Program), and the BC Advanced Systems Institute to investigate and report on how successful entrepreneurs have built viable companies in British Columbia's Wireless Sector. The Report was released for publication in August of 2004.

Unlike many High-Tech Industry Reports, this one provides useful information and practical advice for entrepreneurs and executives on how they can better lead their ventures to commercial success. BC Management Consultant Noulan Bowker interviewed 17 successful founders and CEOs in BC's Wireless industry to learn about their strategies and how they exploited opportunities and overcame obstacles. He also obtained their suggestions for how government and other organizations might more effectively support the industry. Although focused on Wireless, much of the report applies equally well to ventures in other high-tech sectors.


What is your Customer Really Buying? - "A Whole Product Model"
PDF File - 22 slides, 272KB


This slide show was used for the seminar Noulan conducted at the Vancouver Island Technology Centre (VIATec) in Victoria, BC on Oct 26, 2004

In this seminar, Noulan uses his " Whole Product Model" and anecdotes from his experience to discuss some ways in which you can optimize your product and marketing strategy to win more business and improve margins. Noulan Bowker developed his "Whole Product Model" as a means of helping his clients to:

  • Find out and analyze what their customers really want and need from a product
  • Craft a product strategy that exploits key competitive advantages and meets customer needs as completely and efficiently as possible.

Noulan's nine-component Whole Product Model serves as a checklist for all of the elements that must be supplied by you, your partners and even the customer to create a complete and successful solution for the application your product addresses.

''How to Hire a Management Consultant' white paper
PDF File - 17 pages, 610KB
  This White Paper, supplied to its members by the Institute of Management Consultants of America, is a useful guide for those considering retaining a Management Consultant.