The Management Advisory Service (MAS) Program

40 Hours of Free Consulting

Administered by CMC Canada

100% Funded by NRC IRAP


The MAS program provides 40 hours of free consulting to small and medium sized Canadian technology businesses by a Canadian Certified Management Consultant who has been qualified to deliver the program. The consulting fees are funded 100% by the NRC IRAP (National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program).

Note: I believe this may still be a pilot program. It is currently (December 2008) available in British Columbia, but funding has been on and off in 2008. For this reason, information on it may not be available on either the CAMC (Canadian Association of Management Consultants aka CMC Canada) or NRC IRAP websites.

The total cost to the company is only a nominal up-front administrative fee of about $150. The consultant is paid directly by CMC Canada, which is then reimbursed by IRAP. In this program, a consultant who is qualified to deliver the program contributes to it by accepting a reduced rate for his time. The program will also reimburse the consultant for a certain level of expenses for travel, if required for meeting with the client.

A company wishing to apply for this service does so through its local NRC IRAP Industry Technology Advisor (ITA). CMC Canada will then contact the company directly confirming its application has been approved and suggest three consultants who may be suitable for the project. When first applying, the company can request a particular qualified consultant to make sure that he or she is included in that list. The company and the selected consultant then complete and sign the document "Client Agreement1.doc" and send it to CMC Canada. This document includes provisions for confidentiality.

From my first experience with the MAS program, the application process is very simple and quick compared to most government-funded programs.

  .Please Click Here to download the more detailed program description documents and the applications forms for the program  

1. Discuss with me what your current situation is, what you would like to accomplish with the project and in broad terms how we would carry it out. This information needs to be summarized on the form called "CMC-Canada Management Advisory Service (MAS) Request", which has the file name "Input form emailable-1.doc". We need to agree on the wording of the responses on this form. I can assist by suggesting wording for some of these responses and guiding you through the application process.

2. Contact your IRAP ITA and ask them to help you apply for the MAS Program. Your ITA will likely want to meet with you to discuss your situation, needs and what results you want from the program, (which we will already have worked out in step 1 above).

3. Next, the company will be contacted by CMC Canada, which administers the program. I have found the person administering the MAS program at CMC Canada to be particularly responsive and helpful.

The document "Overview of MAS Engagement1.1.doc" from CMC Canada provides additional detail. The "Typical Project Steps" will, of course, be adapted to the particular needs of the client.


Click to download each of the .pdf and .doc documents

Description of Program
"What is the MAS.pdf" - description and goals of the MAS program
"Overview of MAS Engagement1-1.doc" - outline of typical project, flow chart

Program Application Forms and Start-up Documents
"Input form emailable-1.doc" - MAS Application form and flow chart
"Three Potential Consultants List1.doc" - Notification of project acceptance
"Client Agreement1.doc" - signed by client and consultant to start project

Final Report
"Engagement summary1-1.doc" Report on conduct and outcomes of project